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              General C++ Programming

              by admin
              Welcome to this board!
              Welcome to the general programming forum in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk about any top...
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              Number Frequency
              Allow the user to enter values between 1-9, up to 2 billion values. When the user enters a 0 report...
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              Please help!!
              /* I am trying to make a program that takes an average of two numbers using multiple functions and o...
              [7 replies] Last: You just put this around your code. It keeps the indentation and adds ... (by dutch)
              Trying to finalize recursive function for queen problem
              I am trying to finish code in my void function, however I'm not sure what I am missing in my void fu...
              [1 reply] : A recursive function needs a recursive call! #include <iostream> us... (by dutch)
              How to extract the digit of a binary number in c++?
              If i require the user to input a binary number, eg. "000010011", how can I extract each digit from t...
              [14 replies] Last: tingcymimi, for the future, if you do post on multiple forums, it is g... (by Ganado)
              Unitialized memory
              the following code is to a program that will layout a table that will convert celsius to fahrenheit ...
              [19 replies] Last: = is assignment when you do fahrenheit = (celsius * 1.8) + 32.0; it... (by ne555)
              by frek
              Smart pointers proper usage in my project
              I'm doing an exercise of Bjarne's book PPP (chapter 21): 6. In the Fruit example in ยง21.6.5, we c...
              [6 replies] Last: What do you mean by "limit the access", please? unique_ptr cannot be ... (by coder777)
              by MA2121
              Need Assistance fixing this program
              Three cars drive a 500 mile route. Write a program that inputs the car make and the number of gallon...
              [2 replies] Last: Read the assignment carefully. Every sentence dictates something abou... (by dhayden)
              by Nitron
              Need Help in homework on input/output stream
              Hi, I got this new homework assignment but am extremely lost since this is a fairly new topic. The a...
              [1 reply] : First you should design the program. Consider what inputs and outputs ... (by seeplus)
              Fixing the program
              Rewrite the following program correcting any mistakes and adding missing code so that it reads a val...
              [6 replies] Last: Without error messages: #include <fstream> int main() { std::ifst... (by seeplus)
              Does c/c++ main source calling a function/library dynamically still need its header
              Does c/c++ main/caller source calling a function/library dynamically still need its declaration head...
              [4 replies] Last: Could be worse. At least he doesn't seem to be a stealth spammer. Perh... (by dutch)
              by frek
              Different sorting on a vector
              #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <algorithm> #include <vector> #include <locale> st...
              [17 replies] Last: @JLBorges std::partition preserves values; it just swaps elements. Go... (by frek)
              by VoB
              Why is this trivial code leaking memory?
              Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out why the following snippet #include <vector> int main(){ ...
              [13 replies] Last: Generally, you only need worry about leaks in code that can be tracked... (by salem c)
              by terms1
              how to find out what people celebrated their birthday this year
              how to find out what people celebrated their birthday this year, if we have the current month and da...
              [1 reply] : Read a pair of y/m/d into variables Apply https://www.www.diovzgy.cn/re... (by salem c)
              by MA2121
              Need Assistance fixing this program
              Write a program that asks the user to enter an item's wholesale cost and its markup percentage. It ...
              [2 replies] Last: When posting, please use code tags so that the code is readable! #i... (by seeplus)
              Value keeps resetting once I go back to the menu
              I'm having a hard time thinking how can I change my variable after it executes. #include "Regist...
              [12 replies] Last: Based upon file data, consider as a start: #include <iostream> #inc... (by seeplus)
              "Unresolved external symbol" even when the linker can find the function body
              Hello, I'm getting an extremely strange error, I have utility functions declared in a header file an...
              [2 replies] Last: I found the issue and fixed it, My issue was that my Utils.cpp file ha... (by icegolem123)
              member function already defined or declared in variadic template
              I am getting this error: 'Group<std::string &>::Group(T1)': member function already defined or...
              [2 replies] Last: Thanks @mbozzi! (by JUANDENT)
              trying to finalize this assignment
              Trying to finalize this assignment, I had gotten help but I was only given hints regarding where I s...
              [2 replies] Last: the assignment details are here, sorry forgot to post it: https://past... (by juicypwner)
              C++ programming challenge
              Have gotten this far but am lost could use some guidance Am writing to get an output of: My da...
              [12 replies] Last: Thanks for clarifying, @ Furry Guy ! Although, I was told that it i... (by agent max)
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