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              UNIX/Linux Programming

              by admin
              Welcome to this board!
              Welcome to the forum for UNIX and Linux programmers in C++.com! In this forum, users can to talk ab...
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              getpid() checking of code
              I need to get pid for every processes. In process I get sum of every arrays. In the I get max sum. I...
              [1 reply] : We did this already, and the code looks no different to last time. htt... (by salem c)
              Where belongs custom header files?
              In which directory at best I would move private header files so that the compiler find it by default...
              [5 replies] Last: Both #include "foo" and #include <foo> seek from multiple paths. ... (by keskiverto)
              by tmvaz
              Changing mic levels through C++
              I'd like to create a simple program on Linux in order to adjust and fix the microphone level setting...
              [2 replies] Last: If your goal is to fix your microphone, you should just learn how to c... (by mbozzi)
              /usr/src linux is shared among many side-by-side Linuxes
              How is it if /usr/src linux is shared among many side-by-side Linuxes installation
              [7 replies] Last: Or 69, or maybe even Turboencabulator...it's hard to say really. (by agent max)
              "Copy" buffer?
              Hi. I have a small console program which creates a password for a user. Right now it is running on W...
              [18 replies] Last: It definitely gets complicated. Therein lies the challenge. Thx for t... (by rudystella)
              Linux flle structures
              Hi guys I'll start of by saying I'm pretty new to Linux, on windows all files have a signature or m...
              [18 replies] Last: doug4, Yes, that must have been it. Although I've watched that movie ... (by agent max)
              Can't run c++ db app with desktop link in Linux
              I'v never seen this before, but when I try to launch a database application from a desktop link (in...
              [3 replies] Last: In Unix/Linux, you use https://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man2/getcwd.2.... (by salem c)
              sudoku prog problem
              void sudoku::Inf2() { cout << "sudoku::Inf2()" << endl; for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++){ ...
              [12 replies] Last: its submitted already, i couldn't get it to work properly. (by function0353)
              by thmm
              The Art of Unix Programming
              The ebook "The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steven Raymond" is free for online reading. http://w...
              [3 replies] Last: Good book, but note it's about design, not implementation: [quote=esr]... (by mbozzi)
              by EmanCS
              measuring running time inside loop
              HI I want to measure the running time of function run() in two different parameters A and M. If I c...
              [9 replies] Last: So here's some monkey wrenches: 1) System Caching - there are levels ... (by newbieg)
              Finding Device driver source code
              Hi guys, I'm using a 64 bit Debian system(ubuntu). I have a wireless card plugged into my compute...
              [3 replies] Last: Have you ever written or ever needed to actually write a driver in yo... (by dutch)
              To clean up all Linux orphan links
              How to clean up all orphan symbolic links by shell CLI ?
              [3 replies] Last: Some distros provide Linux file utility: symlinks Title =sym... (by keskiverto)
              Product dll with gcc
              Hello, I would like to produce with gcc a linux special dll file (PE AND NOT ELF format) and use f...
              [1 reply] : I would suggest to use code blocks in both cases. That would make it e... (by coder777)
              by EmanCS
              array of timespec handling
              Hi I have a code that call a function then measure the average runtime int main() { int numOfRun =5;...
              [3 replies] Last: Is it better to use double or long double Just use double. Dependin... (by Ganado)
              C++ development in a Linux Terminal?
              Learning how to compile code via the command-line no matter what the OS is a good skill to have. Co...
              [3 replies] Last: Well, at least this repost wasn't a really bad knowledge topic for oth... (by Furry Guy)
              how to iterate table in C++ and Mysql
              hi to all, I've centos 6 server and client as centos 7 and in that codeblocks 20. I" am building a...
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              myqsl_real_connect returns 0
              hi to all, I've mysql server in centos 6 VM and client in centos 7 VM. I've building a small projec...
              [1 reply] : You should know this by now... https://www.www.diovzgy.cn/articles/jEyw... (by salem c)
              by EmanCS
              Writing batch file and c++
              Hi My is c++ is for running multiple algorithms with different parameters a,b,c that has to be send...
              [7 replies] Last: > why you can't put a loop in main() that does the same thing with les... (by ne555)
              by colt
              gcc complains about not finding Opengl
              Hello. I am trying to compile a c++/c project. During the first attempts, it became clear that it wa...
              [6 replies] Last: If your system has package management, then you should be able to solv... (by keskiverto)
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